Run 167 – 13th anniversary run: April 28th 2012

(See photos from the run here)

Hsinchu Hash House Harrier Run 167 – 13th anniversary run:
The world consists of two kinds of people: talkers, and doers.
At 8 am, on a Saturday morning, April 28th, 2012, two Hsinchu Hash House Harriers, ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ (Will Jeanett) and ‘My Father Thinks I’m Gay’ (Nate Saler) created something from nothing. They created a run.
And was it “‘ah, sure it’ll do’, where flour was strewn willy-nilly run”? No. It consisted of 8 KM of trail, with mountains, lakes, three beer checks, obstacles to be climbed over, views and pain.
18 foul-weather friends showed up, including one who drove from Taipei, and not one whinge was whined. Blood was bled, tears were shed, dogs were led; dirty, but happy, and smiling. All contributed to the down-downs, picked up trash, were responsible and wet-happy. Something was created from nothing, and all those who participated knew. Happy H4 13th anniversary everyone! On on.

-Gay Licker


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-Even Hitler Likes Him, Hsinchu GM