New Meetup directions: Curry Fans

Effective June 2012, the Hsinchu HHH meetup will no longer be at the old Subway location, but rather at Curry Fans off of DongDa Rd. Below is some helpful information for everything finding it.

Prices per run*:

First Time Runners: NT$100

Women: NT$200

Men: NT$300

*These prices are for the run only, this includes beer, water, sports drinks, and post run snacks. For those that stay after the run for the bash, you will have to pay extra. Typically this is under NT$300 for all you can eat and drink. It really is quite a bargain and a lot of fun.

Curry Fans Map

Also, for anyone who has not met Andrew, the owner of Curry Fans, please stop by for lunch or dinner, let him know that you’re from the Hash and thank him for letting us use his location. He is storing our coolers on site and ordering beer and ice for us each run. We are very grateful for his kindness, so let’s make sure he knows how much it means to us.

Curry House - New Hsinchu HHH meetup

Curry Fans
Address: 88, Lane 111, Minquan Rd., Dong District, Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Street view of Dongda, coming up on Minquan Rd.
Notice the highway 122 and parking garage on the left side of the road.


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