October Run # 174 ZOMBIE Apocalypse!

AHHHH!!!!! Zombie Ahead!

Run Location: Hsinchu City outskirts area
Hares: Goat Fucker & Just Courtney
Date: Saturday, October 27th, 2012
Meeting Point: Curry Fans Restaurant (corner of Dongda Road and SanMin Road)
Meeting Time: 1pm

The roles are reversed for this October’s reunion run. The trail will be pre-marked and ready for the hashers to take off first to be chased by the zombie hares! Get dressed up and zombiefy yourself! Please wear clothing and footwear that you won’t mind ruining. It will be a messy run so bring that spare bag of clothes and shoes.ZOMBIE BANDANAS!!!
This is a swag grab run! Just show up and it’s yours!

The laws have changed and being caught driving under the influence can result in 2 months jail time. You can’t go hashing when you’re behind bars.

That being said, write “BUS ME” on the event wall to reserve your seat on the party bus! Cost will be between 300-400NTD for the day.You don’t have to take the bus, but we strongly recommend it if you’re going to be drinking. It’s peanuts compared to jail time and deportation.

Guys – 300NTD
Girls – 200NTD


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