July – Run #171

(See event photos here)
“Wow, sunny day. I hope it’s cooler skies over Beipu.” Coolers set, we have two caravans of Hsinchu hashers, the one derived of scooters following flour from meetup to run start and the second derived of those bussing it with China Hash. Here’s me, “scooters, you can’t take the highway, so be on your way, the bus is set to arrive in 15.” Forty-five minutes transpire, ring, ring. “You’re where?”
And so our story unfolds. As the bus rolls into Hsinchu, I Love Cum who was well briefed as to the location of the new H4 meetup, was overruled by the blaring voice of Dump and run stating, “no guys, I know where the meetup is.” As famous last words as any, as our bus arrives 90 minutes late and those blistering hot skies over Hsinchu turn into rainy overcast in Beipu and half our hares are left stranded, fearless, beerless, in the rain, and without a remedy in sight.
In due time our pickup shows up and many an adjective were affectionately given to our man of the hour and we were well on our way watching the Olympic opening ceremony and supporting our host nation of apparently China Taipei?!? (Where is THAT on a map?) As they were parading their athletes around the London grounds on Tele.
As the bus arrived in Beipu our stranded, idle hashers were rounded up, particularly Buzzard Eagle, who had been waiting in the rain since 1:30 (note arrival time was 4:00). Cheers to him.
“Just” Jeff and Jizzmopper’s run was exceptional. During the first major obstacle, a tough 2k incline of the 7k run, China Hash’s very own Mini Me was overheard by your kind narrator saying, “when did Hsinchu start running hills?!?” And that was precisely the feeling that was left with at the end of the day. Hsinchu came, we conquered, we represented. A fine run climaxing with a whiskey down down led by Sphinctertat and a circle in the Beipu cold springs, complete with a rope swing.

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