June Run – #170 : AIR Without the Puff Run

Hash Hush, circling around the pool

(See photos from this run here)

Why driver get out of car at traffic light?’, asked ’70%’, one of our visiting hashers from Japan.
‘He’s the Hare, he’s laying trail!’, I mischievously replied.
‘So many scooters!’ ‘
‘Yes, they will follow the flour to the start of the run.’
These visiting hashers from Japan were serious hashers – they run three times a week! But they had never seen anything like the H4 convoy before!

Of course the driver of the car wasn’t really marking trail to the beginning of the run from his car. His co-passenger was. Gonad Enhancer showed amazing dexterity as she bunny-hopped out at various lights to put flour arrows on the road for straggling scooters. Flour was flung directly from the car on the home straights and it is testimony to the innate good nature of Taiwanese that a smile could still spring from the shock as to why a stranger would throw white powder at them from a passing car!

Our international hashing family, 70% and Rap Unzel sing a song and drink it out, literally, out of their new Hsinchu Hasher shoes.

22 sweaty souls braved the 37oC heat on this sweltering Saturday and the Hares, ‘3 Dogs Frolicking’, ‘Sir Galahad’ and ‘Comes with Child’ had prepared suitable summer short and medium length runs. The going was slow as in addition to the swelter, there were sun-worshipping snakes on this trail that we did not want to step on and awaken from their slumber.
The short run was a leisurely stroll through step-free trails in the beautiful FeifengShan environs. The medium run had an additional hill shalom with rope kindly provided, and a refreshing skip along a stream in the shade. The lack of checkmarks made this an ideal runner’s run and Rapunzel, another of those visiting hashers from Japan did the un-Japanese thing and caught the host hares. However it was done with such joie de vivre at participating in a truly pleasant, scenic H4 run, that the hares did not feel duly put out.

Indeed as those that know the true H4 soul, the real race begins when the run is over. The festive frenzy began with frolicking in the swimming pool, followed by the down-downs. Gonad Enhancer went head-to-head with Heidi from Down Under over a T-shirt kindly provided by the visiting hashers. This dominoed into additional beer swilling contests over other hash paraphernalia, bits of rope etc., a song or two and a farewell to Vicious Bitch who is heading off to China in search of lonely pandas.

Hsinchu HHH farewell to Vicious Bitch as she departs our tiny island to play with pandas

The resort owner got cold feet over the planned barbeque for this herd of heated hashers, so after an initial fevered search for ‘3 Dogs Frolicking’s’ car keys (later rescued from his car at 3AM) and Siberia doing the wheelies on his scooter, we all stampeded off to what I think was a restaurant where I’m sure we all had a wonderful time.
Hopefully the mental strain of shepherding H4ers around once a month will not prove too much for our new young GM, “Even Hitler doesn’t like him’ (or just ‘Hitler’ for short) as his new reign began properly! Thank you.

Thanks also to others who work tirelessly behind the scenes and especially the Beer Master for keeping the H4 machine well-oiled! Incredibly, there is still oil left over that can be enjoyed this Wednesday night, July 4th (!) for those willing and able at our new meeting place:

Curry Fans
88, Lane 111, Minquan Rd., Dong District, Hsinchu
Contact ‘Hitler’. H4 uber alles!


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