Wishing the best to the old GM – Lone Scrotum

Lone Scrotum gives an emotional farewell to all those hashers he’s met during his time in Taiwan. He’s sure to miss you all as you can clearly tell.

The 2012 All Island Run marked the last run (for a while) for our former GM, Lone Scrotum. Scrotum was in charge of the Hsinchu HHH Mismanagement (as it’s referred as) over the past four years and was responsible for many a fine trail during his time. A many of many hats, he was quite involved as GM and well regarded by most. We wish you well, Lone Scrotum, and hope to see you soon.


Don’t worry Lone Scrotum, I’m sure they were wrapping it up to protect it from this island humidity, like they do with the individual sneakers in the shops


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