All Island Run 2012 – Hosted by Taichung HHH and Taiwan Beer

(Event Photos available here)


What a weekend! AIR 2012, hosted by your dear hashing friends from the Taichung HHH and Taiwan Beer. The weather forecast was dismal, but we had our very own Religious Advisor light a candle vigil to keep our trails well marked, our foresight clear, and those complaining hashers away. It turns out, our religious advisor did us a solid and the hashing gods brought us a very solid day out with our hashing kin.

Taichung brought us 3 solid runs and our Hsinchu hashing crew came out to represent us well. The long run on the day was a 15k up and down 4 mountain peeks through some mucky obstacles and narrow cliffs due to the light showers and electrical storms, which provided a well earned cooling effect on the bloody uphill climbs. Thankfully those fine people at Taiwan Beer had a duly deserved beer check at the crossroads of the long and medium. Cheers to that.

One vividly memorable obstacle on the day were the few declines through mellon fields–you know the ones set up like grape fields where you have wiring held up slightly overhead to keep the mellon or grape vines growing off the ground. Well, those 5lb. melons served as American Gladiator style flails, swinging right at head level for your taller runners, such as your kind narrator. But luckily there were no casualties on the day, once again thanks to the kind blessings of our religious advisor. But on the day we must truly remember to send out a great sense of gratitude to two people in particular. The first of which is our very own hash cash, who has gone to such overwhelming feats in keeping HHHH well organized and truly represented and we hope ankle is feeling well. Big hugs go out to Sphincter Tat.

Thank you tremendously for helping us make this a wonderful AIR! We are all very grateful. Secondly, this was the last run for our longstanding, former GM, L.S. We wish you safe travels as you head back stateside tonight. We will miss you dearly and look forward to the day we see your sorry hash once again. Best of Luck and our warmest regards to you and your loved ones your going back to be with. Much love brother! So till next time. On, On, I say to you, Hsinchu Hashers! On, On! -Even Hitler Likes Him, Hsinchu HHH GM


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